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The Sensible Hire
More Than Just Temp-to-Hire

Every organization's success regardless of its size or industry, is dependent on the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of its employees. Pro Travel's Sensible Hire is a cost-effective, no risk solution to the challenge of identifying the talented associates your organization needs.

Just a few of the reasons companies pick Pro Travel include:

  • Every Candidate Screened to Match Your Needs
  • You Evaluate the Selected Candidate In Actual Work Conditions
  • Selected Candidate Remains on Our Payroll - You Commit When You Are Ready
  • Avoid Costly Separation and Potential Litigation
  • Seamless Transition from Our Payroll to Yours

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Selecting a new-hire is one of the most challenging tasks facing any business owner or manager. The wrong choice can thoroughly effect the delicate balance in your office, so you can't afford to make a mistake. With Pro Travel's Sensible Hire Plan, you never will. That's because the Sensible Hire Plan gives you an opportunity to evaluate a potential hire in the best way you can accurately judge their productivity and ability to fit into your organization, on the job.

All The Work Gets Done - While You're Looking

The selected candidate will report to your office to do the job that needs to be done while you are evaluating them. That means you can take your time in filling the position without the pressure of having to find somebody to get the job done. The extremely qualified professional will remain on our payroll during this period eliminating all risk for you.

Significant Savings

Many of the costs associated with hiring a new employee can be eliminated or substantially reduced as a result of using the Sensible Hire Plan. Concerns such as advertising, recruiting, screening, fringe benefits, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation, even potential employment litigation, are eliminated or substantially reduced.

Contact your dedicated Account Executive for more information or Place a Job Order on-line. You are under no financial obligation unless you choose to hire one of our associates.

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